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Welcome to Lab by baby

Hi, I’m ken seo

This Is Labbybaby Story

Hello, I am Ken Seo, CEO of Lab By Baby.


We have always been thinking about our child’s health and happiness. Is there any clothing that can easily detect a child’s temperature during the COVID-19 era? Are there any clothes that can protect the child from mosquitoes, flies, and pests? Is there any hat that parents can easily check the UV index since UV rays have become so strong recently? Starting from these concerns, we created a groundbreaking baby clothing that combines science + art = genius.

That’s why we developed babywear named Fever Genius for fever control, Bugs Genius that repels mosquitoes, UV Genius hat for checking UV index, and a Drool Genius baby bib.

1. Fever Genius (heat smart baby clothes)

Babies are healthy most of the time, but when they are sick, the mother should always check their temperature carefully since they could have a high fever. Our Fever Genius is a smart babywear that detects a child’s temperature right away so that the parents could immediately check the baby’s condition with the naked eye as the printed color changes. The color changes once at a mild temperature of 37°C, and completely disappears when the child has a fever over 38°C.


2. Bugs Genius (Mosquito Smart Baby Clothing)

The Bugs Genius mosquitoes repellent babywear, developed by our company, is an anti-bugs hero functional daily wear that prevents micro-pests. It specially processed natural insect repellents extracted from chrysanthemum plants to keep away mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, ants, flies, etc. This product is officially approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


3. UV Genius (UV smart hat)

We developed a functional double-sided hat that detects and shows the UV index just by looking at the logo color printed on the product in three steps; Step 1 (enjoy the sun), step 2 (apply sunscreen), and step 3 (avoid the sun).


4. Drool Genius (Bib Smart)

The Drool Genius is a perfect waterproof bib that doesn’t need to be washed. Simply wipe it with wet wipes or wet towels. It is a BPA FREE product that does not have Bisphenol A detected even when exposed to hot water.

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Introduction to
Partner Company


Shuo Lu Xin(ShangHai)International Trade CO., LTD

· Incorporated on December 30, 2019

· Established branch office in Henan Province on November 2, 2021

· Website :

Products handled

- Consumptive products : Importing and on and offline distribution and sales of DIY daily necessities, and mothers and infant goods

- Industrial products : On and offline distribution and sales of semi-conductor, general industrial equipment components, chemical products, optical products and medical products

Key clients

State-operated obstetrics and gynecology hospital, pediatric hospital and postnatal care center, and infant and children’s goods shops in the vicinity of hospitals in China

State-run liquefied gas plant manufacturer in China


Official partner of Fever Gunius China (OEM and own brand name of Bokdongi House)

Tictok (live broadcasting by Dowin Wanghong), Taobao, WeChat Mall, expansion of social commerce market through in-house website contents production, expand offline distribution channels

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